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 I have used Zoo Sitters for years and recommend them highly. They always arrive on time, are completely professional, and go the extra mile when caring for my pets. The sitter's care and understanding of my pets gives me the satisfaction and ease of leaving them knowing they are in great hands.~ Carole Halper


Zoo Sitters is the BEST! When I go away, I am always confident that my pet will be totally safe and receive superior care. Best of all, he LOVES his Pet Sitter. ~ Brenda Elliott


I was more than pleased with the care my cat, Princess, received with Zoo Sitters while I was away. I had absolutely no worries about the care & love she was given! Princess is elderly & on medication. Her medication was given to her daily & she was provided so much love & attention by the staff that she thrived in their care! I would recommend Zoo Sitters to anyone looking for pet care! ~ Melissa MacFarland


We trust Zoo Sitters more than ANYONE to care for our pets when we're away. Even when friends or family members are taking care of them, I'm always worrying, wondering if they remembered to scoop the litter, did they put the dog's wireless fence collar on, did they lock up before they left, etc. But with Zoo Sitters I know my pets are in capable hands and they always go above and beyond the duties you would normally expect from a pet sitter. I often joke that they take better care of my babies than I do. Their services are worth every penny! ~ Lynsie Patterson


Vanessa and her team are very professional, incredibly responsive and detail oriented. I had a last minute request that Vanessa handled in a very proactive manner. Everything from the initial contact through the notes after each interaction with my pet were done with great care and attention to detail. ~ Bill Mulholland


 I have been very very pleased with the service Zoo Sitters has provided. When I have left on trips, I have always been at ease knowing Vanessa and her staff were available to take care of my dog. She has gone well beyond what her service details on a paper contract. She truly cares and that is important. Thank you for your care of my family member. ~ Sam Allen


I have never needed a pet sitter before as family was always close to assist. Having a new pup this time around and no one close to help I was searching for a sitter and received info from my Vet. After reviewing the website testimonials I realized I knew someone that used Zoo Sitters! After speaking with them, I immediately registered for a client meeting. I was impressed with Vanessa's knowledge and her interactions towards my new pup (German Shepherd). I have full confidence that my Vysis is well taken care of. Email responses are quick. Vanessa answers questions and offers suggestions that have helped with training. They are priceless and so on target. Joel in the office is quick to respond with scheduling questions! I couldn't ask for better. I most highly recommend Zoo Sitters! Wish I found them a few weeks sooner! My girl is doing great! I'm learning the proper things to do for her! If anyone has questions I'd me more than happy to answer them!!!! ~ Jeanne Kovach


If anyone has any trepidations in regard to leaving their pet in the care of Zoo Sitters, please contact me. The notes detailed every action, the photos assured me she was not hiding, and the prompt return of anxious calls were greatly appreciated. Now, we are considering another trip because of the competence and care of Zoo Sitters ~ Eva Pennock


We couldn't have chosen a better sitter for our dog. Zoo Sitters took EXCELLENT care not only of our pet but also of our house. They took care of him as if he were their own pet. They kept us updated daily of their visits. Not only do I recommend them, I will definitely be using their service again. Thank you again Zoo Sitters! You're the best!!! ~ Tammy Chapman


Zoo Sitters is wonderful! Our dogs,cats and birds were all happy and healthy. They went well beyond what we expected. ~ Drew and Martha Gandley


We use Zoo Sitters for all of our pet sitting needs from overnights, daily visits, last minute visits. It's easy to schedule appointments and make notes on the visits. I'm always confident they will show when expected, give our dogs the highest quality care and go the extra mile to make the dogs comfortable, clean up the yard when we've been running late, and give our dogs the food, pills, water, attention they need! Couldn't be happier with their service! ~ Kate Costalas


Zoo Sitters has been a huge help to a first time puppy owner who works long hours. It's a relief to know that he is being walked during the day.~ Maureen McLaughlin


 We are extremely protective of our 4-legged children and my husband and I were able to completely relax & enjoy our vacation. I felt that they were cared for not only with complete expertise, but also with love. ~ John and Lisa Nichols


Vanessa was wonderful with our little kitty Mickey while we were away! Extremely professional yet down to earth and really cared about our little man! Thank you again! ~ Patty Edwardi

SeaJay & Jasmine
SeaJay & Jasmine

Thank-you,  Vanessa and Joel for taking wonderful care of Sea Jay and Jasmine! I feel comfortable traveling overnight knowing that the loving care provided meets the needs of both a senior and active adult dog. The sitter note is very informative. Beyond the note, I know they are well cared for because the are happy but CALM when I get home. Jasmine and Sea Jay especially thank-you for the special treats! ~ Joelle Hargraves


It's no wonder that Zoo Sitters is an award winning company. They are incredibly wonderful. Not only are they reliable and do a great job, they go beyond things that are expected of them. My husband and I were so shocked and pleased when our sitter brought in the garbage cans and mail!! Totally not expected of them, but so appreciative that she did. And my two dogs love her. She does an amazing job and I would and have recommended them highly. They are the best! ~ Eddie and Mary Ann Castagnetta



I know my dogs are well cared for and my home is safe when I leave Zoo Sitters in charge. I'm worry-free because I know they're looking out for my pets. ~ Katie Volz


I don't worry about my dog at all when I know that Zoo Sitters is coming. I get great information on how the visit went and everything is in its place in the house. The service is wonderful. ~ Maureen Caswell


We continue to employ your services and sing your praises to any who will listen. You and your employees are excellent. Zoo Sitters are innovative, informative, and timely. We feel so safe leaving our two cats within your care, knowing all will be done to feed and keep them safe. My house is always tidy when I return and the mail is in and awaiting me. Thank you for what you do and the manner in which you do it. ~ Nelson and Kathy Brown


Can't say enough about how great the entire team at Zoo Sitters has been. Thank you for everything that you do and for the peace of mind that you provide knowing that our pets are in good hands! ~ Eric and Sarah Greenberg

Coco and Fiona

Thank you for adding additional services for Fiona and Coco and for moving our deck furniture and plants out of harms way during Hurricane Sandy. You are all so kind and understanding, your work ethic is phenomenal! Our cats are fortunate to have such caring sitters. We love your journal covering the sits! ~ Linda Hurd


We could not have made it through Hurricane Sandy had it not been for you.... your patience, persistence, creativity... a sense of calm in the face of uncertainty... we knew our babies were being well cared for. Thank you! ~ Susan Ahern

Buster Brown
Buster Brown

We have used Zoo Sitters for our vacation home in Wildwood Crest. Our dogs required high supervision for the first two years. After they were well trained at home we decided that our family vacation which we always bring our dogs on was going to be even more fun by having the dogs exercised while we were "out on the town". We were so impressed with the quality service provided we have re-booked when we come down for a short visit or a week long visit. Even knowing that when our dogs are walked together it could be "tricky" for some, the experience with the walkers is not matched with any other sitter. Our dogs enjoy going out for long walks and visiting with the "sitter" as well. I have already highly recommend Zoo Sitters to friends in the area and will continue to speak highly of their services. ~ Kimberly Davis


Zoo Sitters - Best of the Best! ~ Rich Gannon

Ernie and Wally

Zoo Sitters goes above and beyond our expectations.Thank you for taking such wonderful care of our "boys" and our home. ~ David and Christine Green

Amy's Crew

It was so nice to be able to go on vacation and know that my chickens, ducks and turkeys were well cared for. I don't believe that just anyone would be willing to do such a good job, or even have the expertise needed to do it. I am happy to not have to overwhelm my family with taking care of the animals. Thanks so much! ~ Amy Weinberger


From the first time I met Vanessa I knew my Monte was in good hands but I never expected him to be so spoiled. Since he is almost 13 years old, I worry about who he is with. He was so well taken care of. I was blown away with the care he recieved. I came home to a relaxed & happy dog. Words cannot express my thanks for Zoo Sitters. I can't wait to go away again. ~ Deanna Curran


I rescued Sam, who was a stray in Philly. Thanks to Zoo Sitters, I know he is in good hands while I'm at work. They not only take Sam for walks, but they take extra time to get to know him. With the detailed notes in our journal I feel like I have my own personal dog trainer as well!! Sam is always content and happy when I come home. I also have 2 cats, Bella and Luna. Luna is more personable but Bella comes out for no one unless they have been here for hours. Somehow, Kimberly (our zoo sitter) not only managed to see Bella (after only being at my house a few times) but she was able to pet her. Now Bella is out whenever Kimberly sits for Sam. Simply amazing!! I would recommend Zoo Sitters to everyone who has a pet! ~ Missy Feaster

Alan, Shelby and Molly
Alan, Shelby and Molly

We can not speak highly enough of the quality of this service. Our sitters are very thorough about the animals’ routines and their needs. They paid special attention to the little details that we would have overlooked. Vanessa and Zoo Sitters are a great bunch of pet loving individuals. After using this service since 2008, I am more comfortable leaving my pets with them, than my own family ~ Pete Reiss


My Polly, African Grey Parrot and my Tabby Cat, Mary want to say how much they love Zoo Sitters coming to visit every week and my garden is also thankful for all the care it receives...we LOVE Zoo Sitters! ~ Michele Govette


Zoo Sitters has become very important to my dog Jessie. We like the professionalism, caring and trust they always show.  We love the reports they leave for us. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for a pet sitter that will care for your pets as if they were their own. ~ Jackie Kinlen


Thank goodness for Zoo Sitters. We searched and searched for someplace to leave our golden retriever, Jake, while we go on vacations with absolutely no luck. Then we found Zoo Sitters! Jake loves his sitters and he is much better behaved when we get home! We can't speak highly enough of them and recommend them to anyone we know with pets! They are a great company and extremely nice people and the best part about it is....Jake loves them! ~ Jeannette Burns


Bailey and Ziggy
Bailey and Ziggy

Zoo Sitters are angels sent to help care for and love your pet! We decided to add 2 silver labs to our family, but were perplexed as to how we would meet their needs during the daytime. Between work and school, no one is home during the day hours. Thanks to Zoo Sitters, our needs have been met. Our pups are well-taken care of and loved each day with their daily dog walk. Before beginning, our sitter met the pups, took a thorough history, and ensured that she new their routine. With each visit, Zoo Sitters leaves a note in a pet journal. Our family can't wait to read about their visit each day! The best part is that we know the love, attention, and excellent care they receive. Zoo Sitters even help with training by reinforcing what we are teaching. Plus, Zoo Sitters even taught them how to be perfect gentlemen at cross-roads. Vacations are possible without worrying now. Vanessa is trustworthy and dependable along with running a well-organized business that provides professional service. ~ Glenn and Brenda Douglass


I travel out of town regularly and have required Zoo Sitters' services on average 3 weekends per month. There is NO way that I could live my current lifestyle without the support of Zoo Sitters. Together they are dependable, kind and generous but most importantly trustworthy with my home and my beloved pets. I give my highest recommendation to the professionalism of Zoo Sitters. ~ Veronica Lugo


Hi, I’m Seamus and I live in North Wildwood. Sometimes my mom has to go away on trips. We don’t like being apart, but I get to spend time with Pop in North Cape May and he lets me eat stuff I don’t get to have at home. Anyway, when Mom’s away and I’m at Pop’s, Vanessa comes over. That’s really great because we go for walks and we play in the backyard. I wish she could stay longer, and so does Pop because we really like her. But we have lots of fun and we know she has other dogs who are waiting to play with her too. I know it makes Mom feel better when she’s away, knowing that Vanessa’s taking care of things. Vanessa makes sure she has all the information she might need like emergency numbers. But everything is always okay, and we just have a good time. ~
Mary McWilliams



I couldn't have been happier with the service provided by Zoo Sitters. They were wonderful to our animals, and we loved the logbooks they left to let us know how each walk/visit went. Best of all, however, was that when our plans changed unexpectedly, They were so agreeable in arranging more visits to our dogs. This happened more times than we could count! I would recommend Zoo Sitters to ANYONE. You won't be disappointed! ~ Dave Erickson


Betty along with Vanessa are considered part of our family!  The love and care our pups receive on a weekly basis is irreplaceable. I only wish I was there at home when they come to the house, I know our pups are so excited to see them.  Pheobe gets her exercise while our chubby Gizmo just suns himself. Thanks for all you do!  Zoo Sitters was an amazing find for us. ~ Jim Morey and Pat Mizzone


We have been using Zoo Sitters since 2008. It is my opinion that they are the very best, most reliable, most organized, and most conscientious pet sitters that I have ever used. We are so lucky to have found them. It is the best feeling in the world to be able to enjoy the day and know that your little furry friends are being cared for by the best. ~ Donna Grabosky


I was looking forward to spending a week with the family on vacation in North Carolina, but feeling anxious about whom to ask to care for our pets, feed the fish in the 90 gallon aquarium, and water all the flower gardens and plants while we were away. We decided to give Zoo Sitters a try. Vanessa kept us updated by phone and email and let us know all were doing fine, and we were able to relax and enjoy our vacation without worrying about what was going on back home. And when we returned home everything was fine. Zoo Sitters watched our home, our pets, and our plants with the same care and attention we would have given them ourselves. That's why I enthusiastically recommend their services to my own clients. ~ Robert Gheysens


What can I say, Zoo Sitters are a life saver. It is the only reason that I can go away and have peace of mind. ~ Terri Sanville

Pixie, Brooke, Jake and Sharon

My dogs mean the world to me and I am very picky about who cares for them when I cannot be around.  From the moment I met Vanessa at our pre-sit interview, I knew my dogs would be in the very best hands.  She asked all the questions I would ask if I were caring for someone's pets and then some!  The Zoo Sitters crew are beyond caring and professional.  They really got to know my dogs.  When two of my dogs became older and ill, Vanessa and her crew went above and beyond to make them feel cared for and secure.  I recommend Zoo Sitters to anyone who needs to know that their pets are in good hands! ~ Sharon Beres


Zoo Sitters have been a Godsend for our dog Dominic. They are professional, dependable, knowledgeable and extremely caring. They truly love our pets and this shows in the quality of the care, the time they spend with the animals, and the little details that they leave behind. It’s great to know you have someone you can trust with your pet just a phone call/e-mail away. I wholeheartedly recommend them! ~ Carmen Alessi


Zoo Sitters is by far the best option for your at-home pets while you are away. ~ Mary Ellen Maroney


Vacations are wonderful, but when you can't take your pets along it sure is comforting to know that they'll receive excellent care while you're away. Zoo Sitters is reliable, efficient, trustworthy, and caring. I have been using their service since 2007 and have always been exceptionally pleased. More importantly, so are my pets! ~  Bobbie Heard

Debby's Crew
Debby's Crew

I know when I use Zoo Sitters that I am getting the best care for my pets. I love the notes and look forward to reading them when I return home. There is always a toy or treat waiting for me to give to my kitties which is such a nice touch. Thank you for treating them as you would your own. You also always clean the floors and bring in my mail too which is always neat and stacked nicely. It's too bad you can't be everywhere so I could refer you to everyone I know. ~ Debby McGrath

LaDuca Kitties

We are so grateful to have found the Zoo Sitters after relocating from Northern New Jersey. We were hoping for adequate coverage for our cat care needs. What we got instead is outstanding care for Lucy, Ricki, and KeeKee and our home.  After returning from our first overnight away with Betty caring for them, we found three very relaxed and mellow kitties.  We have used Zoo Sitters several times since then, and the results have been the same - two happy girls and a boy. The attention to detail is outstanding. They know more about our community services than we do, and if they don't know, they find out. We love reading about the antics of our sweet babies in the diary.  Zoo Sitters, Vanessa, Betty, and Joel are the best!!! . ~ Ed and Marie LaDuca


 Very professional, easy to work with, thorough and accommodating. ~ Tony and Marianne Adamoli


We are completely confident and pleased with the service provided. Zoo Sitters are professional, organized and genuinely concerned about your pets. ~ Chuck and Lynn Matthews


I was nervous about leaving my cats for the weekend, but Vanessa reassured me all would be well. When I got home everything was great. The cats were fed and watered and my home was as neat as I left it. I loved the notes they left. I loved the personal attention each kitty got. My babies love affection and they were each given lots of it while I was away. I would highly recommend Zoo Sitters. They treat your animals as if they were their own. Great job ladies and thank you. ~ Kathy Mazzio


I was a little hesitant about hiring a pet sitter but after meeting Vanessa I felt very confident and relaxed. My dog, Bella, was very comfortable with Vanessa and that made me feel comfortable. I will definitely use Zoo Sitters for my next trip! ~ Amy Ruff


I used to hire teens and neighbors to watch my 3 cats when we would go on vacation. I would come to a house that smelled and couldn't find my animals. I would find them hiding in closets and very upset. I had no idea what was wrong and would never get much feedback. Ever since I started using Zoo Sitters, my vacations are guiltless. I am confident of arriving home to a clean house and happy kitties. My children and I look forward to reading the diary when we come home. My cats are stress free and happy. Vanessa and her staff are WONDERFUL. The bag of goodies we received was the icing on the cake! I would never use anyone else! ~ Kathleen Parker


Zoo Sitters are extremely professional and compassionate people. They treated each of our three dogs as individuals and left a lovely journal of our kid's activity. A wonderful service we will use again with confidence. ~ John and Susan Sammons


I am very happy with the care that my little dog Maggie received while I was away. The detail of the care was incredible. I would definitely recommend the service to anyone who asks. ~ Pat McFadden



Zoo Sitters is completely reliable and obviously has a genuine love of animals. Our goldendoodle is a much loved family member and we appreciate her being well cared for when we are away. We can't thank you enough for helping us out last minute during a family emergency. It was a comfort to know that we left Penny in good hands and we sincerely appreciate it ~ Pat McGettigan



Leaving my 4 cats for a few days is always difficult but Zoo Sitters gives me the ability to travel with comfort and confidence knowing my babies are well taken care of.   When our usual Zoo Sitter, Betty wasn't available, Joel was able to step in. While I've never met Joel in person, thru his text msgs and notes I feel like I know him. I love that he has a sense of humor and that he went out of his way to engage each of my cats - even my shy kitty.  I appreciate your professionalism, dependability and reliability. I like that the staff is trained for medical emergencies and that you are insured. I feel confident that my cats will be well cared for and my home maintained and locked following each visit. I like knowing that for your staff pet sitting is their job (and their passion!). It's wonderful to enjoy my vacation knowing my fur family is in good hands. ~ Carol Kerewich


The detailed updates we received while away took the anxiety out of leaving our beloved dogs at home. I have complete confidence in Zoo Sitters. ~ Lynn Newcomb


I can't recommend Zoo Sitters any more highly. Not only were my treasured three pets - an active young dog and two cats - well cared for and exercised, but my house was neat and clean when I returned from a much needed vacation. Once you have been on vacation, when you come home to chaos, you quickly feel you never were away. This is not the case when Zoo Sitters takes charge. My plants were watered, mail taken in - it was like there was someone in residence often enough that my home looked occupied. The notes on visits and check-ins with photos were heartwarming, engendered such peace of mind! It was like a dear and trusted friend had taken over for me while I was gone. I can't imagine considering anyone else to take care of our crew when we go away. And now I feel like I can make vacation plans without being overwhelmed with anxiety. Huge thanks! Excellent service - the best!!!! ~ Jacque Weiss


Oh my, there isn't enough room for all I could say.This is an amazing way to have your pets cared for in their own home. Vanessa is very professional and truly loves your pets. She spends every minute talking and interacting with them. My 5 pups love her and I am very comfortable knowing they are truly in good hands. Please know you will be totally satisfied. ~ Elizabeth McIlhenney


Above and beyond the call of duty! Zoo Sitters took care of my babies and home as if they were their own. Highly recommend this service. We are fortunate to have them in our community! ~ Christine Galzerano


Excellent service and very attentive to details. ~ Jill Waisbren

The Coopers

Vanessa, you were the best. Both of my dogs smiled for days after you cared for them. Thank you so much for taking such great care of my kids. Thanks again Zoo Sitters. I will definately make many more appointments. ~ Rick Cooper

Walton Kitties

I know my 4 "kids" were well cared for. Got a kick out of Romeo - who after being spoiled by Betty with the feather wand game after dinner each night - now brings it to me after dinner and wants to play. He drags it into the living room, drops it at my feet and sits patiently. And they say cats can't be trained. LOL! ~ Catherine Walton


Zoo Sitters is a highly professional and caring service that encompasses every aspect of your pet's needs. The business structure is so well thought out and efficient. Their quality of care gives the pet owner such peace of mind, it makes it much easier to leave your pet behind! ~ Patricia Repici


Being kept up to date throughout vacation makes it a relaxing vacation and alleviates worries about your pet and your home. Zoo Sitters are consummate professionals! ~ Cheryl Baker


I am so pleased with every aspect of the service!!!!!! FABULOUS ~ Jennifer Joyce


It was such relief knowing our Chloe was in such wonderful care. We were able to really enjoy our daughters wedding. I would highly recommend Zoo Sitters to anyone. ~ Geralyn McGinty


Zoo Sitters is a very professional and caring service. We were nervous about leaving our pets for the first time, but their numerous updates and professional manner instantly put our minds at ease. I would definately recommend Zoo Sitters to all my family and friends. ~ Richard J. Anderson

Picture Coming Soon

Zoo Sitters have met and exceeded our expectations, and we highly recommend them to care for your furry friends. We never left our furry babies with anyone other than family; however, after meeting with Vanessa and Betty, we felt confident that they would care for our fur babies with love and attention. We were right!! Actually, our babies look for Vanessa and Betty long after we return. We have engaged Zoo Sitters services on many occasions and will continue to do so. Zoo Sitters are awesome surrogates for our babies. Thank you for providing such dependable, reliable, and loving care! ~ Isabella Kelly-Prince


What a relief to find care for my pets that is as good as....or perhaps even better....than what we do. Our dogs mean the world to us and I am completely confident with Zoo Sitters. ~ Lynne Tarves